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Server Description [SUPER-PvP x1000]

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Aug 18, 2018

Chronicle: Interlude

Server description of x1000 Super-PvP

  • EXP: x1000
  • SP: x1000
  • Adena: x300
  • Drop: x1
  • Quest: x1
  • Skill “Cancellation” removes up to 5 buffs – cancelled buffs return after 10 seconds.
  • Party rules inside chaotic pvp zones: MAX 2bp or 2wl or 2ol or 1wl + 1ol or 2wl + 1ol
  • Free Auto Hunting
  • New competitive raid spawn system
  • Bishop gets nobless skills for free on 2nd job
  • Flames of Invincibility" no longer need the skill "Spell Force" to cast it. It also goes off if you make any action (attack, use any kind of skills) - except for Potions, if you use potions it does not goes off.
  • Mana Potion restores 800 MP Every 4 seconds.
  • Personal dashboard: .menu with all functions like optimize FPS, bosses respawn time, real time event timers, enable/disable skins, effects and hero aura, clanhall manager, enchant ranking and many other cool features.
  • Purification field and Miracle dont need spellforces
  • Hero skills for all subclasses
  • Droplist Info shift+click on mob to show all drop
  • Auto Events: TvT, CTF, KtB, New Fortress Siege, DM, Champion Spawn, Clan Points, Tournament 1x1,2x2,9x9, PvP event and more!

Farm and server items:
  • Easy farm of basic and A/S items
    : Obtained by farm or raid bosses
    : Obtained by farm or raid bosses
    : Obtained only by drop chance in epic bosses
    : Obtained only by drop chance in epic bosses
    : Obtained only by drop with chance in epic bosses. There will be no donate option for it

  • Maximum buff slots: 36
  • Buff duration time: 2 hours
  • Ability to create scheme buff on NPC Buffer.
  • Full buff avaliable on NPC Buffer, including Malaria and Seraphim buffs.
  • Free book buff. Use the buffer system anywhere except inside chaotic zones

  • Chance to get augment: TOP LS
    – 7%; HIGH LS
    – 5% MID LS – 3%
  • 2% Chance to get Active, Passive and Chance skills.
  • Augments are working retail like. For some active augments, the duration time was increased to 20 minutes and reuse time decreased a bit.
  • Drop from primeval mobs

Enchant info:
  • Safe enchant = +3 / Max weapon +16 / Max armor +10
  • Enchanting weapons +5+6+7+8 : chance 30%, +9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16 chance 25% decreasing 2% every enchant
  • Chance to enchanting equipment +4+5+6 chance 30% , +7+8+9+10 chance 25%
- Types of enchant scroll: Normal/Blessed/Crystal
- Blessed enchants when fail return to +3
- Normal enchants have 10% more chance than blessed
- Crystal enchants are 100% chance

VIP System:
  • Adena and Exp/SP x2
  • Drop/Prize x2: Medals/TOP LS/Event Coin (on events)/Tournament Coin
  • Enchant Chance +5%
  • Access to exclusive Skin Manager system inside .menu
  • Access to exclusive color manager inside .menu
  • Allow VIP global chat command: > + msg

Clan/ClanHall and Alliance info:
  • Maximum players per clan inside a Chaotic Zone: 18 (total of 2 parties)
  • Max Clan Members 80, alliance disabled
  • All clan skills for all clan members
  • If you win the clanhall auctions you need 2kkk/48hours to keep it.
  • Command channel can only made by members of the same clan
  • Members of different clans cannot enter in party inside chaotic zones
  • Clan level 8 item with full skills will be sold on NPC

Sub-Class & Noblesse:
  • It is not required any quest in order to get a sub-class, .
  • You are free to make any subclass in any race.
  • Max subclasses: 6
  • All bishops get Noblesse Blessing skill at level 40 (on second class change).
  • Custom barakiel drops 5 nobless coins

  • Olympiads balance were fully remade – classes are better than before and most of them are now playable.
  • Olympiad games take place Saturday to Thursday from 15:00 to 22:45 GMT -3
  • Olympiad cicle every 7 days, hero delivery friday 12:00 GMT -3
  • In order to get hero, you need to win 5 matches and have at least 9 fights.
  • Class-based games were disabled in order to prevent feeding.
  • No custom mode: Tattos, and other custom acessory or weapons are not allowed
  • The maximum enchant on olympiads is +6; Equipped items above +6 will automatically get +6 status inside olympiad arena.

All Event timers for both Latin and EU communities

Chaotic Raids
[*]1x random Dynasty Weapons
[*]3x random Titaium armor set part
[*]High-Grade Life Stone
[*]Blessed Enchant Weapon S
[*]Blessed Enchant Armor S
[*]Blessed Enchant Weapon A
[*]Blessed Enchant Armor A
[*]Blessed Enchant Armor B
[*]Giant's Codex
[*]NFT Coin 25 % chance;

System with spawn 1 boss every 50 minutes after death / all zones are chaotic
  • Lord Ishka;
  • Shilen's Messenger Cabrio;
  • Ketra's Commander Tayr;
  • Longhorn Golkonda
Normal Raids:
[*]1x random Dynasty Weapons
[*]3x random Titaium armor set part
[*]High-Grade Life Stone
[*]Blessed Enchant Weapon S
[*]Blessed Enchant Armor S
[*]Blessed Enchant Weapon A
[*]Blessed Enchant Armor A
[*]Blessed Enchant Armor B
[*]Giant's Codex
[*]NFT Coin 25 % chance;
Spawn: 2-3 / normal zones but get flag when hit the boss
  • Varka's Commander Mos
  • Taik High Prefect Arak
  • Queen Shyeed
  • Ember

Epic Boss:
[*]Top-Grade Life Stones
[*]Epic Weapons chance 25%;
[*]3x random Moirai armor set parts chance 100%;
[*]Crystal enchant chance 15%
[*]High-Grade Life Stone
[*]Blessed Enchant Weapon S
[*]Blessed Enchant Armor S
[*]Blessed Enchant Weapon A
[*]Blessed Enchant Armor A
[*]Blessed Enchant Armor B
[*]Giant's Codex
[*]NFT Coin : from 10 to 20, 50% chance

All epic drop blessed jewels that have additional status
  • Core - Every Day 19:15
  • Orfen - Every Day 19:40
  • Ant Queen -Sunday,20:00;Wednesday,20:00;Thursday,20:00;Friday,20:00;Saturday,20:00
  • Zaken - Sunday,20:30;Monday,20:00;Tuesday,20:00;Wednesday,20:30;Friday,20:30
  • Frintezza -Saturday,20:30;Monday,20:30;Friday,21:00
  • Baium - Sunday,21:30;Tuesday,20:30;Thursday,20:30
  • Antharas - Monday,21:30;Wednesday,21:00;Friday,21:30
  • Valakas - Tuesday,21:00;Thursday,21:00;Saturday,21:00

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