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NFT Event

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Nov 14, 2021

Hello everyone!

NFT Event
This time we will bring a super-innovation to our project, which is the NFT Coins drop.

In our project, it will be used as a Farm Coin - you will be able to exchange with us every 100 NFT Coin's for US$10 or R$50,00 - payment will be made via Paypal or DeflectCoins. If paypal must be verified to be able to correctly withdraw to your bank account

As I've said before, you can ask us to make the exchange every time you get 100 NFT Coins, just contact us by fb messenger: m.me/1470031453020811 for details.

The NFT Coins can be farmed on the following areas - the chance is:

=> Normal Monsters in Primeval Isle = from: 1 to 1; 1% Chance
=> Average Monsters in Primeval Isle (Elroki and Pterosaur) = 1 to 1; 2% Chance
=> Top Monsters in Primeval Isle (Dino) = 1 to 1; 5% Chance

=> Raid Boss lv. 70+ (rb's listed in our raid info or gk menu) = from : 1 to 3; 25% chance
=> Raid Boss Custom = from : 5 to 10; 50% chance
=> Epic Boss = from : 10 to 20; 50% chance

=> Tournament Event = Every daily timed tournament ranking:
The 1st place will get 10 NFT Coin;
The 2nd place will get 5 NFT Coin;
The 3rd place will get 3 NFT Coin.

=> KtB Event = the last attacker will get 3 NFT Coin and boss drop for everyone 3 to 7 NFT 100% chance

=> Weekly ClanRanking
The 1st place clan leader will get 50 NFT Coin;
The 2nd place clan leader will get 25 NFT Coin;
The 3rd place clan leader will get 15 NFT Coin.
The 4th place clan leader will get 10 NFT Coin.

The duration of this event will be from xx and it will end at xx 2022


The first 10 players to form the word L2DEFLECT.COM will win 7$
The letters will drop from a specific area informed in the GK.

After collecting the letters the player must contact us by email and inform paypal or game account for payment.


This season, in addition to NFT, we plan to do other events to the players with real money prize! Check out some of these events below:

  • The first Blessed Epic Boss Jewels drop pickups:
[Queen Ant and Zaken = r$25.00]
[Frintezza & Baium = r$50.00]
[Valakas and Antharas = r$100.00]

  • Ranking:
First Top Clan => [1st place = R$250.00]
First S Weapon +12 and +16 => [+12 = R$200.00 , +16 = R$500.00]
First complete set of Blessed epic jewelry => R$250,00

We hope everyone can enjoy this event, this will be our first time working with it and we're working hard so everyone can have the best experience with it!

Best regards,
L2Deflect team.
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